Beginnings: I don’t want to. I don’t have to. And you can’t make me.

I want to talk to you about living and learning your heart’s desire. It’s something I believe and love inspiring people to do. But I don’t know where to start, and actually… I’m a little nervous about jumping into this.

Starting things can be rough.  Even this blog post, you would not believe how long it took me to write this (hint – more than three days. It was migrated in my bullet journal several times). When it’s time to start a new project, a new chapter, a new page the noises in our heads, and certainly in mine, can get very loud.

Stop! Wait! Don’t!

Those fears are then supported by a voice that sounds quite young.  The ones that say: “I don’t have to do this.”  “I don’t really want to.” “I’m a grown up.  You can’t make me.” For a grown up, I sound around seven years old, don’t it?

Beginnings are difficult. Even when they are things I do want to do.

And in some ways, the worst part of stalling and not starting is what I’m telling myself by not taking those first steps. That I’m not ready to be awesome and go for my dreams. That’s a terrible thing to say to yourself.  I’d never say it to my children in any way, yet I’m all too quick to say it to me.

But I am ready – I’m just scared.

Let’s say that again – I’m ready to be awesome and go for my dreams.

Those who know me know my love for The Wizard of Oz. Interestingly, my idea of helping people discover their hearts’ desires came to me while watching it. The most important thing Dorothy does is start.  In fact, she does it twice, setting out on two different journeys with very different result. First, she tells us in her I Want song what her heart’s desire is – a place where there isn’t any trouble. Then MissGulchh arrives and Dorothy decides to get away.

When she’s doing it for Toto’s safety it’s particularly easy and immediate.  She grabs what is nearest and necessary and sets out.  Unfortunately, something having a more pressing claim – Aunt Em’s perceived health problem – sends her back.

Fortunately, there’s a tornado on the way. (Yeah, only in fiction do we say fortunately about something like this.)

Once in Oz Dorothy knows she needs to go home, but this time it’s not going to be as easy and, in fact, she tries to delay starting by asking Glinda one more question. When she finally “starts at the beginning” and heads to the Emerald City she’s scared. Fortunately her desire is so strong, she’s willing to go somewhere she’s never been before.

And now we’ve made a full circle.  It’s her desire that gets her moving, putting literally one foot in front of the other. She’s stopped several times, diverted and thwarted, but still she pushes on realizing that her heart’s desire is at home. Home is her place without any trouble. But that’s another post.

Here I am at the end of this post, having put one word in front of the other, editing some out, adding others. I started.

Turns out it was the starting, more than anything that was scary.  Sure, I know as I share more there will be scary moments as I continue.  Wicked Witches do have a way of showing up, but now that I’ve started…. I know I’ll make it to my goal.

So, let’s uncover your heart’s desire. Are you ready to start something with me?

1 thought on “Beginnings: I don’t want to. I don’t have to. And you can’t make me.”

  1. First off, “Congrats on the new blog.”

    I really think this platform is going to work out for you. The look and feel is very clean and very professional.

    Secondly, I love the message. Your analogy regarding taking first steps and having life “burn the boats behind you” as related to The Wizard of Oz’s tornado is quite profound. Sometimes when we make the immediate necessary choices in our lives, having circumstances cut off our cowardly way out is a benefit. To further the analogy, once you’re on the path, you know you’re going to need brains, heart, and courage to get to your ultimate goal of making something feel like home – despite the onslaught of flying monkeys keeping you from getting there.

    Best of luck with this. I look forward to your next blog post.

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