Put Desire First

   Last week I wrote about how being busy keeps us from being productive on our goals.  When I read up on the subject one of the topics I found, other than crazy lists of “how to put your dreams first” (seriously, some of them had 12 or more ideas!), was paying ourselves first.

With time.

I’d heard the entrepreneurial tenant of paying yourself first, as opposed to putting all the revenue back into the business, including the salary of others. It is one of the things that burns out new business owners. However, I’d never thought of it in terms of time.  When planning your day – put what you desire first, even if it is for a short amount of time. I’ve been doing this for the last several days, and I can feel a difference that I am hoping will last. 

As all of you know from reading my blog (and many of my Facebook posts), the Wizard of Oz is my favorite film. I have to admit, however, that it prompted several questions the first of which was – Why does Dorothy want to go back to Kansas?

Seriously – Munchkin Land and Emerald City are so much cooler, not to mention in color.  To me, there was no contest.  Stay in Oz.  But for Dorothy, it was all about home.

I think one of the most amazing things about the character of Dorothy, as she’s portrayed in the film, is her incredible commitment to and focus on what she wants.  From the moment she meets anyone, she lets them know what she desires and other than a brief period of rest in the field of poppies (that’s another blog post), she stays completely focused. It’s very admirable considering how easy it would be for her to veer in a different direction.

   Talking Scarecrows, Tinmen, and Lions.  Witches and sentient apple trees.  There certainly are enough distractions.

Instead of becoming sidetracked, she shares her goals, her concerns and fears and her need for help with everyone she meets. If they realize they have goals that align with her journey, they join her. If they can help her (Glinda, the man driving the carriage in Emerald City, the doorkeeper at the Wizards palace), they are moved by her clarity and assist. Even the Wizard, eventually.

She doesn’t change her purpose to theirs. She doesn’t make them more important. She never gives up her dream.

It’s a priority.

And it stays a priority.

And in the end, she gets what she most desires. She discovers that home has always been “the place where there isn’t any trouble” and wakes up exactly where she wants to be.

It is so easy to be distracted by the beautiful and colorful things around us.  I often joke about having ADOS, Attention-Deficit-Ooh-Shiny Syndrome, but when I allow those shiny things to distract me from my desires when they take me off my personal yellow brick road, the cost can add up to my not achieving my goals.  There are very few things in my life that can’t wait 15 minutes or even an hour.  And those things that can’t be put off?  Well, I usually know them in advance and so planning is powerful.

The first step, as we start at the beginning, is to get clear on what we desire.  The next step?  Staying on course.

The way to do that is to pay ourselves, our desires with our time first. So PLAN yourself first. And then let me know the results.

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