Artist Date 1 – Old Magazines & 80’s Music

First – sorry for the delay in posting. The flu knocked me on my ass ealier this week. Never got the flu before. Yowza!

But on to more important things – playing with my creativity and inner artist.

Over twenty years ago I belonged to a group where we’d start each new session creating a vision board for what we hoped to achieve over the next several months. It could contain specific goals, ideas of how we wanted to feel, images that moved us or (and most often) all of the above. This was long before The Secret and other Law of Attraction books spoke about how important it could be to have a visual representation of your goals.

The initial pile

I always loved doing this. It was one of the few creative places where I felt free not only to have fun, but where I didn’t worry about it being right or perfect. It just had to look the way I wanted and, hopefully, make me smile and feel good when I started at it. Having that kind of freedom was wonderful. So wonderful, I started creating a visual journal to put out short and long term goals, create representations of dreams way off in the future, even just capture a feeling I wanted to have in my life.

As much as this has been something I enjoyed, for the last several years I haven’t done it much. Once I started again – I got hooked. No surprise. Since I started creating these layouts no magazine or catalogue leaves the house without being cut up. And that’s what my artist and I did together this week.

Our television has an 80’s rock music station so with Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar, Dire Straits, Squeeze and many more. People who know me know how much I love my 80s and the big hair, bright colors, and enormous shoulder pads (seriously, what were we thinking). I sang to lyrics that made no sense (Safety Dance, anyone) and remembered where I was and what was fun or special to me for almost every song that came on. Even a few moments of youthful heartbreak.

I spent a very happy hour going through a huge pile of magazines that I’ve been saving for just this use.  Sometimes I get distracted by an article, but usually I can rip those out and go back to them later. It was wonderful. I was dancing my seat, I was singing along with the music and my kids and cats thought I was a little crazy. Isn’t that just perfect?

As you can see from the pictures, the pile became many pieces of cut up pages and the end result is phrases and images from all different sources which will eventually, possibly, find their way into my current visual journal. I expect that will be my artist date in the not to distant future.


Play. Laugh. Dance. Remember. Enjoy. Connect.

I need to do this more often.

What are you doing for your artist?

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