I’m so pleased you want to know a little more about me.

First –  let me tell you why I chose a pen name. When I was young I dreamed of an acting career, especially Broadway, and I always wanted a stage name. I would practice different signatures using letters I felt were fun to write. I gave up the idea of trodding the boards (at least for now, I may do it later in life like the awesome June Squibb) but when I became a writer, I decided a pen name would give me my childhood dream of a stage name. Ironically, I’ve always loved writing the script capital L but as you can see, I didn’t choose a name with that.

My first romance novel, Roll Play, was published as an e-book in 2007  with Ellora’s Cave (which has sadly closed). I wrote under Rowan West for my first two books. Back then, people asked me if ebooks were “real”. Things have certainly changed in ten years. Since then I’ve had nine novels released, although only those with Riverdale Avenue Books are now available. I’ve written many short stories and had the opportunity to edit several anthologies. Writing different length works is a lot of fun and definitely, energizes my muse.

The books of my most recent novel series, Melusine’s Daughters, is pictured in the header above. The first book came about when my publisher told me she wanted to publish a romance featuring mermaids. Since I had written the short story, and Little Mermaid retelling, Legs, for her I said, “Why not.” In the tradition of write what you know, I thought it might be fun to have a mermaid spend time on land on the Jersey Shore. That’s where the start of Waves of Pleasure came from. As I wrote Lyria’s story and she spoke with her cousin, Amina, I realized I had the start of a series.

I am a member of the Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE), the International Women’s Writers Guild (IWWG) two different local writers groups and on the board of Broad Universe, a writing organization that promotes, celebrates and publicizes women who write speculative fiction.

At the core of all my stories is the power of our emotions. I believe that the more you know your emotions and are aware of them – and don’t try to control or push them down. the more information they will give you and the better you will know yourself. My heroines – and frequently my heros – are almost always on an internal journey to discover something important about themselves and the heart of the answer is in their emotional story. I hope that through my novels readers can not only get lost in the story of the characters but also connect with a part of themselves they might have forgotten or ignored.

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