one of the few selfies I’ve ever liked of me!

Sure, Rachel and I are one and the same, but there things which are more about me, the author, and then there are all the things which are about me, the person who is an author.

I usually start my bios by telling people I’m a Jersey Girl trapped without good diners or boardwalks in New England. Which is very true – diners should be open 24 hours – but since you’re here, I assume you want to know a little more about me than what you can find in Rachel’s Amazon book bio.

Rona is my given name and I was named my father’s Aunt Rose, who was married to his favorite uncle, my great uncle Martin. I was born at Fort Carson Army Hospital, Colorado Springs, Colorado because my father was drafted into Viet Nam, although he was thankfully never sent overseas.  We left Colorado as soon as my dad was discharged. I was sixteen months old so I remember nothing of my birth state and I’ve never been back. It’s on the “bucket list.”

There are so many things that make up my life and I’m happy to talk more about them, so feel free to ask me about any of these. You may find some of my blog posts are about one or more of the things on this list.

  • I’m married for nearly 21 years. My anniversary is in December
  • I have two teenage sons whom I’ve been homeschooling (using an unschooling method) since 2010
  • I grew up in New Jersey and moved to New England to go to college – and never left
  • I graduated from a women’s college
  • I host a weekly local television show featuring local artists (click here to see it on YouTube)
  • I did Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts Mastery program in 2017
  • I’m an alumnus of CEO Space, a forum for entrepreneurs
  • I want to “retire” to New York City.

I think what people who know me would tell you about me is:

  • The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie,
  • I consider retail therapy vital both emotionally and economically,
    • and related to this is is a slight addiction to accessories: shoes, bags, jewelry…
  • You shouldn’t talk to me before my morning coffee,
  • I believe in shameless flirting,
  • I read my first romance at 14 – The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiweiss, which my mom gave me. I still have a copy on my “keeper” shelf,
  • My bullet journal is the first planner to keep me focused and organized after years of trying to find something that would work.
  • I’m not much of a cook and don’t really enjoy it (which probably explains the first part of that sentence)
  • Even though I didn’t study writing in college, being an author is something I’ve wanted to for a long time.

Some more unusual things about me:

  • My muse has a gypsy soul so I love writing in new places. I adore my home office but I also occasionally need to get out and go somewhere else to work.
  • I’m a graduate of CEO Space, an entrepreneurial conference, and Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. It’s a good combination for a writer, trust me.

And my personal loves include:

  • the theater, especially musicals
  • eating out with family and friends
  • days at the beach
  • going to the movies
  • Steven Universe (what a GREAT show)
  • chocolate (it’s a food group, right?)
  • traveling (I want to do more)
  • mid-day naps
  • my cats, Charlie and Buster

I’m sure I’ll add to that list over time but I hope this gives you an idea of who I am, what I enjoy and how I spend my time.