ollow your yellow brick road. What does that mean?

The yellow brick road winds through all of Oz and, at least in the 1939 movie, gives Dorothy and her friends a path to the Emerald City where they are able to ask the Wizard for what they most desire. But isn’t the truth that once they get there, they discover that for the most part, they already have what they were looking for.  The Scarecrow has had a brain all along, the Tinman has a heart, the Lion is courageous.  And Dorothy?

Ah, it’s a little harder for our dear heroine – and isn’t that always the truth.

For us, for women, it’s almost always a little bit harder. Our journey isn’t a straight line and even when we think we know what we want and how to get it, the process is more involved than we expected.  THAT is what it means to find your yellow brick road.

There comes a time in our lives when we’ve checked off a lot of the “want” boxes – marriage, career, home, children – and yet there is still a yearning, a feeling of unfulfilled desire. So what do we do? How do we start? And if we discover what’s missing, what we desire, how will we make it work in our already busy lives.

That is what my books are about. Strong heroines who are looking to live the life of their dreams but first they have to get clear about what those dreams are and what they are willing to do as well as willing to sacrifice to have them. Some of those dreams involve love, most of them involve a lot more.  They are dreams of a career, giving back, contributing to others and more. They are the Heroine’s Journey. They are our journey.

And what about the opportunity and ability to live these dreams? That can be more elusive and challenging. What if the dream isn’t your career or if it isn’t the thing that takes the majority of your time? That doesn’t mean it isn’t important, priceless even, because the more what you desire is part of your life, the more wonderful life becomes.

Desire has power – come discover yours on your yellow brick road.